Author: BigBadger


After the final game of the season BigBadger was once again summoned to the owners office. Feeling better than the last time he entered the room to be met by the heady smell of the sweet sickly fragrance of oode… Read the rest


After being called to the office BigBadger walked slowly down the long corridor “this is it” he thought so many warnings and last chances. As he entered the room cheers and party poppers exploded and congratulations rang out from those… Read the rest


Warning from the Bosses As the players sat in the changing room after the final game of the season. A cloud of despair hanging over them. No laughing or cheering just the odd grunt or snort. Every player reflected on… Read the rest

Not Again

After good start to the season that had quickly turned to another disappointment. Not just for the coach and the players but more disturbingly for their masters. BigBadger walked back down the long foreboding corridor clutching the bejewelled dagger in… Read the rest