Author: diMarkos

We made it!

The war around the middle Mountains was over, The Ostland Black Guard was marching home with sad and disappointed faces, they could not get over what those high elfs from Nargarythe had said that night after that Chaos warband ambush..… Read the rest

Nargarythe Ravens

Tainted by association with the Witch King and the violent madness of Aenarion, the survivors of Nagarythe are a very different type of Asur. Since the destruction of their lands they have been a rootless and nomadic people, drawn to… Read the rest

Ostland Black Guards

The Ostland Black Guard are a very well known regiment. They have campaigned for many different electors, and their reputation has spread beyond their native state. As it is extremely difficult to use a greatsword properly, the Ostland Black Guard… Read the rest