Author: glowworm

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++  Reports are coming in of a massive explosion at the Da Grot Bowl, home of the (in)famous A-F-D Goblin team just after lunchtime today. We will bring you more on this story shortly……   Our reporter on the scene, … Read the rest

Lies & Half (size) Truths

“so, what you saying is basically we are all but fleeting memories of some greater god like being and our very existence is a dream?” Bellyguff asked, shifting his huge bulk on the already overtaxed bench in the players changing… Read the rest

…Same old Endings….

Eilivror raged, as much as a crippled shuffling shadow of a man could rage, he gently tipped over a chair, flinching as it toppled slowly to the ground making a muffled yet strangley satisfying thud, physically he was ineffective, feeble,… Read the rest