Author: Hornetbb2

Forza Luccini !

Ottavio Ruggerio stood in the tunnel entrance giving his armour one final check fixing buckles and tightening straps. He was about to make his debut for the Luccini Lions though he was no stranger to the arena as he was… Read the rest

Best Laid Plans

Olga Ironbra owner of the Black Rock Belchers brought a fresh tankard of ale to her cousin and coach Gorunn Ironhand who had sheets of formations and scouting reports scattered across his desk, “Olga ive got it them red eye… Read the rest

The Belchers

Here we go again thought Olga Ironbra landlady at the Black Rock Inn she looked over to a rowdy and very drunk bunch of young dwarfs, as she made her way over with yet another tray of Bugmans xxxxxx the… Read the rest

The Tip Off

Three down one to go boys this ones the real deal Hornets coach Brun Kurneg stood in front of his players turned and pointed to the tactics board behind him that had a crumpled poster of orc wannabe Jeriorcho, the… Read the rest