Author: Serious Jest

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Brody Da Beastman

ONCE UPON A TIME there was a beastman named Brody…Brody Da Beastman, in fact. Brody was very sad. He had looked forward to the match against the Hopeless Necromantics since his dream of becoming a Magrita Misfit finally came true… Read the rest

Iron Woobies

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a concerned coach. His team had had its most successful season to date. Although the Hopeless Necromantics’ 5-1-1 regular-season record in Season 12 was not their best, they had made it farther into the… Read the rest

The Agreement

Once upon a time, there was a broken werewolf. The Princess Bride had suffered a few injuries in her day…been badly hurt, missed a couple of games, even been killed a couple of times and regenerated back to life. But… Read the rest

Smell the Roses

ONCE UPON A TIME there were seven nine of the land’s finest zombies, dressed in their prettiest dresses, gathered at the Cloud Nine Palace, trembling with excitement at the decision coming from their Prince Charming. Not even the lavender-scented candles… Read the rest