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Announcing: MML 4-Man

Sure we could hold another innovative tournament. You know, one where we come up with some crazy rules, have coaches register and then play games based on the same ruleset and tally up the score at the end and declare… Read the rest

Heart and Soul

“Gremlog! Gremlog! Gremlog!” cheered the away-fans in the Stadium. Most of them were Orcs, but the stands were filled with all kinds of “beasts”. The Orc was on the other side of the pitch, celebrating with his teammates. Once again… Read the rest

Record Breaker

Leopold Von Scoope stumble as he ran across the field desperately trting to get an exclusive “Arturo , Arturo!” He closed in on his target Arturo Scalluci had just broken the MML record for most casualties in a single game… Read the rest

Was it a dream

The team were in a daze; had that really happened? Had they achieved what not none of them thought was possible? The talk beforehand had been more about keeping the score reasonable. “Try and limit them to 4” had been… Read the rest