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Zazoo the head coach of the newly formed high elf Rangers had the following to say when asked what his team’s chances were in the rookie league: We are as good as it gets when it comes to the passing… Read the rest

And so it begins!

The first Big Hope match gave the coach something to work with and indeed, some hope. The coach looked at his scribbled match notes. He could still hear the noise of that chainsaw which the refs seemed oblivious to. It… Read the rest

Kick Off

The coach had called in a few favours; he wanted and needed the right back room staff for the next adventure. He knew with the right people he could make Big Hope just that, a big hope. So he had… Read the rest

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++

++++++BREAKING NEWS++++++  Reports are coming in of a massive explosion at the Da Grot Bowl, home of the (in)famous A-F-D Goblin team just after lunchtime today. We will bring you more on this story shortly……   Our reporter on the scene, … Read the rest