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Slow Start

Coach South sat with his head in his hands in his office. These little rats had always been an experiment but after the first four games he was wondering if Da Sewer Yobz had indeed been watching the Orc team… Read the rest

The Shadow Returns

Coach Caven sat in his office, contemplating the just completed first season of Shadow Company.  It had not turned out as he planned.  They won their last two matches, which was an improvement, but they had lost four others and… Read the rest

Dragons Despair

Having let a likely play off spot slip through their fingers the Karak Dragons second season in the MML Pro’s has ended in disappointment. For the 2nd season in a row they lost only one game but didn’t quite make… Read the rest

Lockdown !!!

The citizens of Stromdorf had been in an imposed lockdown by order of the emperor Karl Franz for almost twelve months after an outbreak of doubleskullitus a lethal disease that had a high mortality rate especially in the most confident… Read the rest