1 loss. 1 toss

The coach sat in his office. It was the day following his loss to those Norse. Half naked men running around the pitch. Disgusting! But, those Norse hit hard.

It wasn’t the start he wanted from his team. Similar to their first game in the challenge league, The Legends seemed nervous throughout the first half. The goblins tripping over their own feet, lazy blocks being thrown. Thrower breaking protection and ultimately loosing the ball.

Second half had a scary moment. But luckily enough the apothecary didn’t butcher another healing attempt.

Coach refused to be shut out in theie first pro game. But the Norse had an answer for every move and counter move. Hats off to Chase. He had his team ready to smash the up and coming Legends.

Coach flipped through the pages of his Great Book Of Tactics. Then he saw it. A play he titled Umphf and Over. His assistance signaled it in. He watched Umphf closely. Things started well. Ball pick up, the rat handed it to the goblin…surprising to see as the animosity between the races is real…Umphf turned picked up the goblin and then started to open his great Maw! “Umphf goblind are friends not food!” Yelled the coach. Umphf paused…looked to the sideline…and then launched the goblin down field! Soaring through the air with terror in his eyes! Thud! Goblin landed….on his feet! Without missing a beat he scampered to the endzone!

The crowd went crazy! Cheers of Umphf rolled through the stadium! Coach had never seen a player of this caliber. He can run, score, block, kill AND throw! What a superstar!

Coach stood up, exited his office and walked out onto the practice field. He will be undermanned this week. But that never stopped him before. Time to get back to work.

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