The Bill COWher Power Hour…

Coach Thunden smiled when he read the scroll that had been delivered by the league courier. His team was in a bit of a state but facing up to a Power Hour team with his old friend More Shots in charge… well, the boys would just have to do their best, either he or Shots would be buying the post game beers.

He dismissed the clown who was waiting on his reply to the parchment, “Begone Terd, it’s time for your rack session to begin… we want you to be twice the height of Coach NTB… which shouldn’t be hard but it will amuse me! Chop chop!!!”

The dishevelled Clown slunk away and the sound of his minders corralling and beating him down the corridor diminished.

Reaching the playoffs again was a high point for the Widowmakers, they had achieved the seasons ambition, anything else was a bonus. Speaking of bonuses… these would have to be cut drastically according to the new League Protocols. The Widowmakers would need some serious pruning if they made it through the offseason without incident. The team were concerned for their futures, as well they should be, there were some serious salaries in the Widowmakers. This vexed Coach Thunden greatly, however… who was he to argue with the Power That Be…


The talent scouts had been withdrawn by Coach Thunden, citing the lack of capital available as the money pit had appeared to dry up. The Cabalvision cash the teams had been promised hadn’t come through and there was talk of an insider job clearing out the MML vaults. No doubt suspicion would fall upon his opponent More Shots as it usually did in these cases, but it wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle.


He’d been hearing strange tales of what had been occurring with Coach Shots recently. He’d heard that he’d been acting somewhat odder than usual. Running around the woods, coming back drenched with an even more haunted look in his eye and not even drunk!!! Add to that the strange calling parties that had been passing through The Power Hours region… bands of Skaven, Dorfs that were even by their standards exceptionally drunk. Even wood elves… Something was up with his old pal and he looked forward to hearing about it over a few good stouts, maybe he’d even pop the cork on a dusty bottle of Chateau Nurg De Pap he’d been saving for just such an occasion.

Planning for Season 10 was underway. Thunden had heard tell of the league expanding to a host of other teams, this boded new challenges for both his team and new opportunities for himself. He’d committed to the Widowmakers for one more season, but what would Coach Thunden be able to do with fresh malleable teams coming to play in the MML. There was a chance to pioneer a style of Bloodbowl he hadn’t really been able to get flowing at the Widowmakers, capable though they were. His agent had begun preliminary discussions with Cirque De Foleil… that may yield fruit in the future… However the imminent challenge of S10 was on the horizon and decisions had to be made. Coach Thunden was getting itchy feet and would almost certainly be leaving the DVC. His eyes wandered on the map to the West… Coach Shots had fled there some seasons ago. There were some Coaches out there he’d never faced… some were bolshy and deserved some edumacation… like Coach Rez… others were quieter and more obtuse…

Then there were options in the East he’d also never played. Decisions, decisions, he’d have to talk to the Commish and see what could be done.


For now, he looked down at the paper and remembered the good times, the simpler times. Some epic games they’d had, the Titans and the Power Hour, now his new boys would have to withstand the hurricane that was the BCPH. What ever happened… he welcomed it and the trip to see the Power Hours stadium again. Now where did he leave the contact details for that young human boy with the scar on his forehead…

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  1. Looking forward to the match, should be a fun watch and listen. Going on tour too. Should be fun.

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