#4Horsemen The Beginning

Walking down a broken pebbled path in the dark with the rain lashing down wasn’t the smartest thing I had ever done. I could see brief glimpses of an old eerie Mansion in the distance but in the dark it was hard to make out how old or what sort of condition it was in. The only light I had was when the thunder roared and the lightning lit up the sky the moon was no help it had eerily disappeared. I had been contacted by someone who had made me very wealthy just for agreeing to meet him or her here. As I walked down the broken pebbled path it reminded me of all those old fashioned horror movies where I would be like as if you would walk to a deserted haunted looking house that just wouldn’t happen but the thing was that was exactly what I was doing and it was happening.

I got to the front door and thought right then now what? d’oh perhaps knock on the door maybe, after having a conversation in my head I thought yep that seemed a fine idea and rapped my knuckles on the hard wooded green door. As my knuckles hit, the door slowly opened, there was an annoying hiss that shouted out in defiance like I had woken it from its dark slumber. I cautiously walked into the hallway it had light it was a eerie low lit light but at least I could see where I was going now. Then a voice spoke out “in here Bernie” the voice sounded familiar like I had heard it from somewhere before the voice had come from the left sided room this was one of the bigger rooms on the ground floor with green double wooden doors with brass door knobs but what stood out more was the blood red number four on the right door and a blood red hashtag on the left door I wasn’t sure if it was paint or actual blood.

I took a deep breath and opened the doors I was in the room and I stood there stunned I couldn’t believe who I was staring at this mystery figure was none other then, just then I was snapped out of my thoughts as they spoke. “Surprised Bernie” I didn’t answer straight away as I was mesmerized or scared stiff you decide by a hulking 7ft tall Nurgle Warrior stood right behind him, this was one of the biggest baddest scary looking warriors I had ever seen and I have seen a lot of scary looking monsters in my time . The host chuckled this is closeness he said don’t feel to worried he is going to be your property now, I bought him as a gift for you from Doneagle he didn’t come cheap but when you are filthy rich like I am who cares about the cost right? I nodded in agreement the warrior gave me a cheesy smile what was cute in a disturbing sort of way.

Feeling a lot more confident, it was now time to ask why on earth was I here and why the secrecy? Bernie we have a problem in the MML and it needs sorting the host slumped their shoulders and looked sad but that mood soon changed to one of hatred and anger as he bellowed out his words hit me like a tidal wave to my ears  We have upstarts like the Chaos Nation getting a foot hole in the mml the bash teams are taking over this will just not do. There is Coaches who wont take a bribe anymore because they think they are untouchable. The Refs are getting more and more costly and most will not take bribes if its against a bash team. We need to cull there numbers and bring back the poncey elf teams the corruptible humans and dirty skaven teams the ones that can make us money and bring back the corruption to the mml. The Coaches, the players, the franchises think they run the show. Well they don’t I run the MML Do you hear me Bernie? I decide who lives who dies who gets to be the poster boy of the mml who gets rich and the fame or who dies via a well placed dignity rock! The refs side with whoever I pay them to side with sure it costs me tons of money but money buys me power, people respect power and they fear those who wield the power. That’s what makes them fall in line and do what we tell them, but of late our power is fading in the MML and its your job as a four horsemen to shut this down before we have an uprising.

Four Horsemen I said my confusion coming threw in my voice as I spoke, yes you with three other coaches will make up the four horsemen and will clean up the mml for me and in return I will make you filthy rich. I will hire you the best players I will make sure opponent star players are accidently hit by rocks but not just ordinary rocks oh no these will be the very rare and very expensive Dignity Rocks. They will fall foul of the refs and get sent off while you can foul away with the minimum of fuss. So who are the other horsemen I asked? I thought you would never ask Bernie they are RandTheMad VpowerV and the Coach of the famous Green Tide Titans Thunden! It dawned on me you retired the Green Tide Titans didn’t you! with a wry smile he nodded they was collateral damage they had to go you must understand Bernie I needed the best I needed Thunden I couldn’t have Thunden if the Green Tide Titans where still in the pros like I say money talks.

You will be the coach of the famous franchise Plague Ridden Cowboys I have got all four of you in via the Challenge league from there you must make the pros you have two seasons to get someone in there if you don’t we will be having words but I have every faith you guys will deliver. I have paid the officials so you will all be in separate pools so you can clean up every challenge conference on the way to the pros. This Mansion will be your headquarters where you can plan everything in secret with your fellow horsemen you are the new owners of this mansion if you accept my proposal, what do you say Bernie? As he said that a big ton of cash was dumped on the wooden oak desk wow id never seen anywhere near this much gold I thought to myself ever but my principles couldn’t be bought I stood for honour and everything what was right in the world  I thought hard for about a second whether to accept or not before I said

Where do I sign


  1. I think everyone in the mml knows who the hooded figure is if I told you there name but I cannot I’m afraid 😉

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