A dawn of a mutated era

A new era had begun.  Something new and never been done.  What could this madness be……  The first all beastman team to enter the MML league.  This has to be something from a bad dream.  All those horns and all the glories mutations that can come.  Madness I think not more a glories creation.

     There was only one place to go when looking for mutated beastman.  The mountains of Tip Peeks.  Beerz set off to the mountains with this mad idea, crazy dream of making an all beastman team competitive.  First he went to the great hall.  Tip Peeks beastman are so mutated yet honorable and very loyal.  The leader of the beastman was not your average beastman.  At first he thought it was a minotaur.  His name was Prikterg Giantfurr.  He was born in a wasted area we’re nothing grew.  No beastman venture to this place for the mutation that spawn from this area are so unpredictable even the gods fear it.

    Beerz made his pitch.  My fellow beastman I’ve come to your land in hopes of making the next greatest and mutated all beastman team to take the pitch.  Today we can do something new and something that’s never been done.  Join me, bring your best mutated warriors to the pitch.  Let’s show case the great abilities that we can show.  Let’s not only give them fur balls but also fear the mutation.  Join me brothers and make the MML mutated!!!

   Prikterg looked down at the beastman, then around the room.  Smiles and hooves stomping on the wooden boards echoed through the room.  I’ll tell you what sir Beerz.  We’ll join make a great stadium at the lower cliffs of are mountain.  Are young and future warriors will join.  They are on the verge of spawning their mutations.  I have one request. Beerz looked at the giant beastman.  What would that be sir?   Well do this and show the old world are power only if I may join and lead your team on the pitch.  Beerz smiled then started to laugh.  My giant brother I was hoping you would ask this for your over size ability will make the start of this team great.  I accept your offer sir and she’ll return when the season starts.

   With that Beerz left and smiled all the way back to Magrita for his plan is now in motion and oh how awesome and mutated it’s going to be!!!!!

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