A first taste of death

A slight, cold wind struck Coach Zidjey as he was standing in the middle of the pitch. The long coat he was wearing just flapped in that wind as he closed his eyes for just a second. He thought about the game yesterday. A tough fight and a brutal came from which not every member came back alive. But that’s Blood Bowl, isn’t it? That’s what this game is all about. Players know what they offer when they step on the pitch, don’t they? And Death or Glory was the motto they always screamed. A motto that you scream a lot easier when the Death part does not strike you. “Funny”, he mumbled as he stood there with closed eyes just before he opened them again. “Funny that it hurts to lose creatures who just want to fight and die fighting”, the thought. Infront of the Coach were standing 13 bottles of beer.


A few moments later the slightly smaller crowd of Orcs stepped onto the pitch and positioned themselves infront of the Coach facing him. There was no roaring, no talking… it felt likes the Orcs didn’t know what to expect or how to deal with the situation. Grazog was the first who noticed the bottles. “Victory beer Coach?”, he asked but was punched on the head by Trahar immediately. “No victory. No beer”, he replied as Grazog shook his head to get his senses back.


Zidjey looked into the eyes of his team. He made sure to look at each Orc at least once. “Yesterday was a weird day. We won a game and should be happy, right? I don’t know if it’s just me and maybe it’s because afterall I am still a human and no complete Orc, but I can’t celebrate. I know many things about Greenskins. You guys taught me almost everything I know about your culture and what it means to be green. I know it’s an honor for an Orc to fight until his last breath. But…” the Coach paused for a second and looked to the ground. He bit his lip softly to not let the sadness overcome him. Then he looked back up and screamed with pain in his voice: “We lost brothers and I think it’s ok to be sad about it. I think it’s ok to feel pain. And I don’t care if it’s orcish behavior or not, I cried last night because of our fallen brothers. Gra, Subber and Gurgosh will be remembered.” Zidjey turned a bit to the side to hide his face from the Orcs because the tears came back. But not even a second later he felt a strong, green hand on his shoulder. “Coach right. You Humie and no Orc. We not cry for brothers. But we miss brothers. And we remember brothers. We need leader. Tribe needs leader. Now be leader! We want revenge!”, Taz said to Zidjey and turned to the rest of the team. “We not take death! We proof because we win. We win for fallen brothers!” Now the Orcs were back to roaring and shouting. The victory last day was the proof they don’t run away. Three deaths and still the Orcs kept fighting. Not like Lizards in the last seasons Play-Offs or fresh Chaos this season. They fought and won for their fallen and for the pride of the Greenskins.


After a little while Zidjey cought himself again. Taz was right, they needed a leader now more then ever. “Ok… as I said, you showed me some of your culture and rituals. I want to show you mine. It’s a form to pay respect for the dead. The beer you see are exactly 13 bottles. One for each player and one for me. You drink them and the three bottles left we pour on the ground because that’s where the bodies go.” Zidjey grabbed the bottles and gave each Orc and the Goblin one. They all drank the bottles in one sip, while Grazog and Zidjey needed a bit longer then the big guys. After that Taz, Zidjey and Gremlog each grabbed a bottle and the three leading figures poured the liquid as the Coach told them to the ground.


As the team watched the foaming beer getting sucked up by the ground Zidjey spoke again. “You said you want revenge? Let’s take it then. Next week we play the Pumpkin Kings. They are Greenskins too. Let’s make sure not only they feel our anger, but the whole league shall feel it. Taz got a smile. “Coach back to normal. Now Coach Orc again”, he said as he looked up in the sky. “Brothers fight with us. Will give strength.” Zidjey nodded. “I have to think of new strategies and you guys will have to learn fast. With our wingers gone our usual play won’t work anymore.” Again, Taz smiled, grabbed Grazog by his head with his big fist and said. “We got Grazog. Grazog can score.” The little Goblin got excited and made some flexing poses as he looked to the Coach who had to laugh a bit. “I mean… he did it last game, why not again next game?”, Zidjey replied as he already thought of new plays for their next game.

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