A friend, some trouble and the taste of tolerance!

It was a cold, rainy evening when Zidjey arrived in the “Drunken Dwarf”, a pub located near the Stadium of the Ogres from Big hearts small….. . Earlier his team, Die Orkischen Brecher, played a tough and rough match against these Ogres and their Coach KoticCookie. After a short look in the very full pub Zidjey spotted a place at the bar that wasn’t occupied. He took a seat and placed his coat on the seat right next to his. He knew a friend would arrive soon. Shortly after the Coach sat down an Ogre with a deep voice asked him “Bloodwiser, sir?” which Zidjey just answer with a simple nod. The mug the Ogre grabbed looked like a toy in his huge hands as he poured in the liquid gold. Zidjey had better beer in the past, but you won’t get dwarfen hop juice over here, so you have to drink what they serve. The Ogre put the mug down in front of the Coach. “Fill another one, my friend should arrive soon”, Zidjey told him and pulled 4 gold pieces out of his pocket. A beer was priced 2 pieces, so the Ogre filled another mug and put it right next to the one he put down first. After a short while and a few sips Zidjey looked around in the pub. It was filled with all kinds of races. On one big table some dwarfs had a good time. The bunch looked very drunk already and the table was really wet. Probably because the little fellas spilled more beer than actually make it go into their mouth by now. On the other side of the room a group of Orcs seem to talk to some Humans. A picture you would not see often in the world based on the fact Orcs and Humans did not get along very well. But Zidjey noticed how the Humans were dressed. It was the typical clothing of player agents. Money hungry sharks who all want to “support” the best players possible to create a fortune. Most Orcs were stupid enough to follow them… That’s why Zidjey told his guys he would not allow any Orcs with agents on his team. He took another sip and kept waiting.


After some more minutes his friend finally arrived. He came in, had a short look around and when he spotted Zidjey he walked slowly but straight to the bar and took the stool next to him. “Glad you could make it Cookie”, Zidjey said and looked in the eyes of the Coach of his opponent just a few hours before. “Not what I expected today… did you?”, he asked. Cookie took a big sip from the mug in front of his place and when he put the mug back down, he just nodded. After that it was a short moment of silence before Zidjey started talking again. “Listen, I saw your guys struggling with their armor. I may know a guy who does good work for plates in every size. He is a friend of mine and if I ask him for a favor, he might do it for a cheap price. It can’t be worse than the armor your guys have now, can it?” Cookie thought for a moment. “The game today was just overall bad. But at least we made a Touchdown, and no one died. But you are right. The armor we have isn’t the best and it’s tough to find a smith who can do Ogre and Gnoblar sized armor.” Zidjey just nodded and took another sip. “I’ll talk to him and tell you what he says. I don’t know how long it will take though.” The two spent the rest of the evening together, talking about the game, the league, future plans and ordered plenty more mugs of beer.


The next day the training started in the afternoon. The Brecher were all out and went through the training routine, as usual. Zidjey had only three of his Black Orcs with him in this training session, because Taz was injured in the game against the Ogres and wasn’t allowed to compete for the next week. But Subber, the team captain was back. At first Zidjey was glad about that fact, but he soon noticed something off with his right winger and Orc Blitzer. He seemed to be brutal… more brutal than usual… even for an Orc. He also growled a lot more and had an angry look in his eyes. After almost an hour the Coach called his team together to give them the orders for the second hour of training. He told Subber his task last, which was to stay with him for a personal talk. “I noticed you are different. What’s wrong?” The time Zidjey was afraid of an Orc was over. He knew he was the leader of this tribe and he had to behave like one. And if he noticed something of in his tribe he had to interact because a weak link could pull the whole team into their doom. But Subber just deeply growled at his Coach and had a stinging and very angry look in his eyes. After Zidjey and Subber both just starred at each other while Subber was still growling the Coach decided to show some strength. “You don’t want to talk and growl at me? You won’t train anymore today and do the job of Grazog today. That means you will bring them water when they want it, you will prepare the trainings area and you will support them with whatever they want. Do you understand?” Subber growled even deeper but turned around after a short while and went to Grazog. The little Goblin was running around like crazy to hand everyone his water. But when he went to Subber the Orc just punched him down, leaving him stunned on the ground. After that the angry captain collected the bottles from the ground and handed them to the others. “What the hell is wrong with him?”, Zidjey just asked himself, but he spoke the words out because he was so confused. “Injury” was the short answer he got as the Coach turned around. It was the Shaman who said it. “What do you mean?”, he asked. The Shaman started to explain. “Orcs are strong. Be hurt is not strong. Orcs feel pain and see death is not strong. It fears Orcs. Orc fear makes Orcs wild.” Zidjey glanced back at Subber. It made sense what the Shaman said. Subber would never say he is afraid or pain, but he still obeys. “Do you think he will act more frenzy at the pitch?” The Shaman had a dark smile on his face and only replied a short “yes.”


Over the next couple of days until the next game Zidjey tried to learn how to get along with Subber. And it worked better than expected. The Coach even found some good in the new playstyle of the now frenzy captain. Before the game against the dwarfs Zidjey talked to his team. “Ok guys, today we play with only 10 players because Taz is out.” They weren’t actually 10 players, but everyone in the team knew the Coach would never speak to or about Grazog, since he was just a Goblin and pretty much the punching back of the team. The Coach continued. “The dwarfs are tough, and I want you to hit them whenever you can. Take every chance you can get.” With that said, the gameplan wasn’t that different then usual. Hit hard and take out whatever you can. The Coach made it easy for his team and wanted them to go back to what they can do good. And they did exactly that. The game was a tough one, three dwarfs were injured at the end and the team took a 2:0 victory. But there was one player in particular Zidjey saw and liked his way of playing much. After the game and the usual on pitch celebration, the team went to the locker room and put up the usual after win banter.


Eventually Zidjey called for the Orcs to be quiet shortly. “THIS was a damn good game! I loved every minute of it, and I am once again proud to be the Coach of this team. As you guys know I am always honest to you. In good times and bad times. And I always admit mistakes when I do them. Today I have to admit a mistake I did over the last couple of weeks. And I have to apologize to a player who proved today how much he wants to be a part of this team and how much he has the Brecher spirit in him. So, I all want you to welcome our newest fully member Grazog!” Everyone inside the locker room was surprised by the words of the Coach. And Grazog himself was the most surprised one of them all. The little guy was sitting in the corner, all alone with a big space to the other Orcs. When the leader of the tribe does not like you, the tribe does not like you… that’s how it is. But now the Orcs looked at each other and looked at Grazog, then to each other again. Before anyone could react though, Zidjey added one thing. “This means he will participate in our trainings sessions in the future and no one will consider him as food anymore!” By the last words the Coach had to look at Sli-Go particularly, since the Troll tried to eat the little goblin more then one time. It took a while until the Orcs understand that this was not a bad joke by their leader. Meanwhile Grazog came out of his corner, slowly and afraid to be punched again by one of the Orcs as he walked past them towards the Coach. “Coach serious? Grazog part of team?” Zidjey nodded and said “you took those punches today, marked up more than one dwarf and supported the team wherever you could. You put yourself in at every situation and if necessary, you throw yourself against the opponent. For me, you were the MVP tonight and you proved how much you are a Brecher. Does everyone agree with me?” The last sentence was very loud said by Zidjey as he looked around. The team focused him and after a short moment Subber stood up and started to chant Grazogs name over and over again. The entire team started to chant with him as Subber grabbed the little Goblin and put him on top of his shoulders, walking with him out of the door as the whole team followed to probably celebrate the victory and the new team member in a pub with some good old Bloodweiser…

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