A Fruit Basket for Iggy Max

A package arrived at the offices of The New Orcland Grunts, care of Iggy Max.  Inside is an intricate basket of woven Ulthuan wicker encasing a ceramic dragon on one side and a ceramic lion on the other.  Within the basket are a series of fresh, rare and exquisite fruits.

Dear Iggy Max,

It has been a year since a greenskin of any size has surprised me with such a spectacular pass.  Your strong arm and sharp skills surprised me even more than the miraculous pass Leeroy Jenkins had last year.  As long as you are taking his place, the Grunts will be able to continue their great success.  I have enclosed some fresh fruit from Dignity’s native homeland, Ulthuan.  Please enjoy them.  I will be following your career with great interest!


Tharranduil “Royalty”


  1. Hmmm…. Someone needs to stop these random fruit deliveries. (Although they are a nice touch!) – I guess I am just salty because I can’t really see my skinks getting a fruit basket… And if, by some miracle, they did they would probably only want to use the fruit to catch insects, for the purposes of catching them with their tongues. 😉

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