A future not yet told

After beeping banished from the league, some say for foul play others claim conspiracy Hawca’s Devils returned mid season after law battles with the, in his words ‘corrupt officials’. 4 games to try and salvage something the Devils went into it knows 4 wins from 4 would be what they needed and it would be close.   It was not to be,  with a transfer ban in place Hawca has to work with his current squad despite rumours of his Star witch picking up a niggle during these games.

Word has it if he was not as out spoken they maybe this injection would not be placed on him side.

In a blind fury Hawca has openly expressed his desire to return to Pro Blood bowl claiming that the Challenge is below the status of the Devils and they was not relegated but denied their rightful place.

All had got quite from the Devils camp since the end of the season,  some wonder if the powers that be had set in motion a means to hush the Devils coach or if indeed he planed to do his talking on the field.

One thing known is they plan to be back and regain their rightful status as a Pro team within the league of the MML.


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