A Grudge Denies, A Grudge Arise, Forever in the Book

As the boys gathered round the keg towards the end of practice and sing their tradition drinking song, Brosef Bugman called the team to silence..

“Lads, We had quite a time this season rompin and a bashin aint we?”

“HERE HERE” the squad yelled with their beersteins waving raucously

“But there is one thing we was robbed of!!!” The team went to silence. Silence soon turned to growls. Growls into snarls.

“That son of a Unicorn fluffer never met his reckoning!” Of course the lads knew that Larry, the frail and frightened elf they so deeply despised had, indeed met his reckoning, but not by their hands.

It was two seasons ago, around this time that the Bellringers decided to go professional. After the daft and daring of the High Elf superstar had stumble through Bugman’s Beer Horn Tavern, stiffed the establishment after almost. . .ALMOST winning the respect of the patrons with his boldness and rounds the lads thought were on Larry. A GRUDGE was forever born.

It was a long road. Bugman’s Bellringers decided to move on from beer league and turn professional then thumped their way through the Challenge League just to force a meeting with Larry this season. The week before the Bellringers could could bring that reckoning upon Larry, the chanced was robber from them. The wild and weak wristed woodies of SRO had injured Larry in a suprising turn of events. He was officially held out of the equally frail High Elves of TRO’s match vs the Bellringers. The opportunity to bring down the hammer of justice and to reclaim a bar tab owed now in blood, was denied. In the weeks after, Larry the superstar elf was laid low on the pitch.

“We may not be able to claim our prize, but we did sure crunch his teamates!!” Brosef yelled out.

“A GRUDGE MUST BE FUFILLED YET” Trogdor the troll slayer belted out as he began growling and foaming at the mouth, boiling to a frenzy.

“Aye lads!!!! Aye it must. You steal from a Bugman, you pay the price. You steal from the Bellringers you pay it twice”

“HERE HERE” cried out the team

“Coach Rez and his bundle of twigs have taken what was ours, a chance at justice. We now owe them” said Brosef

Kronar Kruetzman, star runner of the Bellringers stepped forward and addressed the team

“Forever, from this day unto eternity, I Kronar, captain of the Bellringers. Do declare Stop Rolling Ones as mortal enemies BEGRUDGED unto the team book. We have no mercy on their souls.

Brosef smiled and addressed the team once more “A grudge yet to reckon, a price to be paid and a toll to be collected” with that he blew his whistle.

“Good practice lads, have a round of ale and meet back at the stadium on Saturday, we’ve got some twigs to break”

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