A New Beginning

It was just a bunch of dirty rats that stood between Dino rock and their 1st piece of silverware. We had played these particular rats many moons ago and that match is still remembered for various reasons. #fullberzo

The sweat was pouring down coach Berzo’s face, the coin toss for overtime was lost and the rats were recieving in sudden death. There had been deaths, skulls a plenty and legendary players on show, and at 2-2 it had been a great match.

Then it happened, the stroke of luck Berzo was waiting for which was pounced on by Vlad and the win was ours as he strolled into the Td zone for the win.

A week had passed and the celebrations had come to an end, Berzo was sat in the office when there was a knock at the door. There was T-rex the krox and next to him stood an unfamiliar figure. He towered over the Krox by a long way yet seemed to have a skip in his step. The unknown giant took a seat infront of Berzo and introduced himself as Stolzi, a name that Berzo recognised as a fellow lizard coach making a name for himself in the leagues.

“I have come for a chat,” boomed the voice of this newcomer, “And I think it we be a good thing for all!”

Intrigued Coach Berzo sat up in his chair trying not to look so small in the presence of this giant, ears pricked he listened. Coach Stolzi had been watching the progress of Dino rock for a few seasons and had a proposition Berzo couldnt refuse.

Us lizzies need to stick together said Stolzi, all this skink burger, over strength, boring play talk needs to stop. We need the respect we deserve and I propose we team up. I have the players, the staff, the cash and now the pros and all I want from you is to combine our coaching skills.

Berzo who was by now very interested in what this new giant had to say had to try and play things cool. He knew it could be the makings of something great but didn’t want to seem too eager.

I propose a friendly Mr Stolzi, let’s see what you and your boys have got and we can take things from there. Meet us at the Rock next week and we will have a game behind closed doors.

“That sounds like a plan to me,” boomed Stolzi.
Hands were shook, of course a selfie was taken and that was that.

The makings of a great partnership,the start of lizard dominance or the making or more skink burgers. Who knows…..

(Story written by and published on behalf of Berzo.)

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