A new beginning?

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His time had come. As much as he had tried to deny it during the season, he knew that he could no longer continue is his present condition.

The injuries he had sustained had affected his performances, including crucial moments in big games.  The standard he had set had been so high, that he could no longer carry on with his…weaknesses. So he had spent days and months searching for alternative medical treatments that could help. Time after time though he kept getting told that there was no way to treat his injuries, not without breaking the regulations outlined by the league on authorised procedures.

His light foot falls carried him along the winding corridors inside his mountain home of the past 6 years. They had travelled the path many times and knew the way despite it being pitch black. He came to a room, or cavern near the exit that led down to the Garden of Morr. The cavern was the only one in the mountain that contained an ornately carved wooden door, finely detailed with a mixture of Elven, Human and Skaven iconography. Custom made and given as a gift by the team owner, it helped to provide his coach some privacy. He slid under the door a torn piece of parchment letting the coach know he wouldn’t be playing for the team again. The glint of light coming from under the door reflected off the championship ring on his hand. In his search he had learned of another league with some mystical doctor who could potentially restore him to full fitness. The risks were great but with such a short lifespan, he wanted to either go out in prime condition, or die trying.

There would be no goodbye to the team or the coach. As this was not goodbye, but a parting for now. He scurried away down another tunnel in search of the next adventure.

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