A new Dawn brings a new Day

The season is over, earlier than for some but longer than most,  Lady Luck has requested time,  she is concerned that She has been running solo for 4 games now and where are the transfers?  Bring in a Rookie she said, I will teach her the ways.

It took the sacrifice of Thunden’s favourite food substance (this is why he went hungry one Monday lunch time) and much pleading for me to convince her we have some thing special lined up.

I finally get for quiet time and I look back, a Draw with the current champions, 2nd place in the division splitting two former champions and a play off spot.  better than first expected but also highlights the potential this team has.

To think we start the new season soon and my squad have all developed to the point we could be considered contenders? we will have to see.

I personally have had job offers else where, other teams wanting my service, but I know this side have something special in them, besides the MML are yet to see a Dark Elf franchise win the big prize,  maybe the next season will be different.

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