A New Home…

Ulgrot Break’Thigh looked on at the rough and shabby sports ground that was looking its age, since season 3 this place had seen it’s share of gore and touchdowns though unfortunatly not much in the way of glory. Still after playing Blood Bowl for 4 seasons now in the lower leagues of the farm for his old team Brutal Delux UK he was finally noticed by coach South of the Yate Yobz 2.3 to replace a mighty black orc lost mid season.
As he walks dragging his kit bag towards the small building thats seems to house the administration and players area he looks over at his new team mates on the dusty practice pitch running some drills which they stop and start staring over at him. He walks through the door looking for the coaches office that he finds quite quickly due to the place being so small. He knocks and hears a mumbled “come on in” inside he’s greeted by the middle aged guy he noticed all those times stood by the side of his games talking to his old coach and was introduced too just a few weeks before.
“We’ve got another tough season infront of us all here so go find a empty locker and go join the rest of the Yobz on the pitch, welcome to the PRO’s!”

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