A new team with a troublemaker.

For the upcoming season a new Orc team was found, made from rookies and some Orcs from already split up teams. Their intention is easy: Hit it good and hit it hard! They want blood and broken bones and spread it not only at the pitch, but at the world as well. The pre-season and training games for Die Orkischen Brecher went ok. 2 victories, 2 losses and 2 draws were the results. But inside the mostly rough and brutal games there was one story that was above everything else. Zungall Herzschlinger, a Blackorc with a sadistic and truly cruel mind was injured in the very first game. The diagnosis was a bad injury which would cost him the next match. Sure this was a pain. Not only a big guy of the team was missing but it also happened at the phase of finding and learning the reactions of each other. At the third game of the pre-season Zungall came back only to be out of the game with an injury again early in the game. Diagnosis again: Missing next match. Coach Zidjey was almost furious at this point, because a Blackorc should be able to take some hits. He gave Zungall the choice to not only overcome the injury but also to come back stronger or he would be replaced by another Blackorc. Zungall overcame the injury and did some personal training. In an interview Coach Zidjey stated that he didn’t even knew if Zungall would come back, because when he left, Zungall was in a massive rage. But Zungall came back and was on the pitch in the fifth pre-season game. In this game, the Blackorc proved not only that he can take hits, but also he made his first blocks as well. After the sixth and last pre-season game, the Blackorc had made 16 blocks. Coach Zidjey was glad to see his Blackorcs are finally up on full strength and looks forward to the first season.

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