Hysh Dal Shin was standing on the edge of the black hole in the middle of the floor. A dim purple light pulsed in the deep darkness.

“The trap is set. But we must be patient. Our pray is wary” whispered a voice coming out from the magic darkness “He sensed the danger and used his powers to thwart our plans. He is cunning, exactly as the ultimate pray should be”.

“Yes, my Lord, we are ready for the next phase of the plan” Hysh Dal Shin confirmed.

“Our enemy thinks he outplayed us. He loves to play games and he is definitely a tough opponent but the hunt isn’t fun if the prey is too easy” there was a low chilling laughter “He is smart and cautious… but not enough”

“Go on Hysh Dal Shin, the Architect of Fate is waiting” commanded the voice of Chaos Lord Ahzek Ahriman.

“Yes, my Lord!” The dim purple light vanished and Hysh Dal Shin turned away from the black pit and walked down the stairs of the tower of Mangel III Stadium to his office.

Hysh Ripblue was standing near a window looking down at the playing field where the Mind Eaters were still in the middle of a training session. Hearing the steps of his captain he turned around and shouted “Yes Sir”.

Hysh Dal Shin smiled. Despite the removal of his Thousand Sons power armour Hysh Ripblue was still a brother marine. His new purple armour was the uniform of the Mind Eaters Blood Bowl team and two sets of long sharp claws came out from his chainmail gloves. Gifts from the Changer of the Ways to help the warrior in his mission.

“The Mind Eaters were our main diversion. As we expected they were uncovered and our enemy used his powers so they could not join the MML. But The Silver Son are in. They will play in the MML Pro League, the new season is about to start. You know the plan. Now it’s time to gather clues and information. You will be my eyes and ears and you will report to me even the smallest evidence of our target. Tomorrow you will leave the Mind Eaters to go to the Silver Tower. You will join The Silver Sons team” said Hysh Dal Shin.

“Yes Sir” Hysh Ripblue nodded with a smile.

“Go now. The Lord of Change and his son the Chaos Lord Ahzek Ahriman are eager to start the hunt of Nuffle”.

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