A successful venture

The Kru FC finished their first season in the Reborn league with a somewhat successful record of 4-2-1, and a trip to a Bowl Game.  The young Orc squad played above their talent level in many of their games, but also failed miserably at doing the thing Orcs do best, put opponents in body casts or coffins.  The Kru did more pushing than hitting or blocking, and relied on inexperienced opponents making mistakes in order to win.  When they faced more experienced coaches, the results were less than acceptable.  Even their Coach, an experienced, and indeed, former Pro Champion, had some poor moments.  Some decisions were questionable at best.  The two years away from the game were evident in some of his play calling and decision making before matches.  The young Orc team will be returning for a second season in the Reborn League, and hope to build on the solid foundation that their rookie season provided.  Stay tuned for more insightful news on the Kru FC!

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