A Swarms Coming!

Brun Kurneg Head Coach of the Hergig Hornets made his way through the inner sanctum of the Hornets Nest stadium he’d been summoned to the office of Johannes Von Ortenburg the team owner and one of the most powerful men in Hochland. Brun’s mind raced with what then owner could want with him he wasn’t known as a patient man and things had been tough in the farm since the death of Fritz Munzer. As Brun knocked on the door and entered the lavishly decorated room full of Blood Bowl memorabilia Brun gazed out of the window that overlooked the hornets pitch it always gave him goosebumps. “Sit down Brun sit down” Johannes said with a worried look on his face ” what’s wrong sir? ” Brun enquired voice quivering slightly “this arrived” the owner held in his hand an envelope with an MML seal on it ” I’ve not been able to open it the commissioner is a very hard man to please” Brun slightly releaved  sat up in his chair ” you’ve done all you could sir you slaughtered fifty pigs and had the rashers sent to MML towers even told him you thought the Orcland Grunts were a good team” Johannes smiled “yes I did I don’t know how I kept a straight face” Johannes grabbed the envelope and ripped it open eyes furiously scanning the document “Yesssss Brun I did err I mean we did it the Hornets are going to the big leagues, look Brun look” Brun elated scanned the the page for information “tough play pool sir!” Johannes who was dancing around the room and now had a helmet from the Hornets first ever season on his head turned and smiled at Brun ” You worry to much Brun, you tell em were coming , you tell em a swarms coming!”

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