A tale continued, an opportunity seized

“Fame is fleeting, but what would you do for eternal fame…”

That was the words overheard by Moriarty Brown, the acclaimed  thespian and star of the band of actors whose fate was about to take a sharp turn.

Mori (made famous for his portrayal of the disfigured star of ‘The Phantom of The opera’s’) approached the table of where he had heard these intriguing words and sat opposite the lonely figure there, dressed in a long dark cloak showing nought of his face except a emancipated nose

“Old man who do you talk to? And what nonsense is this eternal Fame? Fame is fickle and dies as we all must”

The stranger chuckled and with a shocking cough spoke

“I have travelled many lands and seen many sights, and knowledge of the most secret kind is mine- knowledge that can prevent even the Reapers grasp claiming his prize…

…for a price…”


The sound snapped coach Girth out of his daydreaming with a start and opened the office door.

In burst  Macdeath, a glint in the Ghouls eye as he said

” A raven just arrived from MML towers-the opening curtain call has come and our chance is at hand”

A fire blazed in coach Girth eyes as he grabbed Macdeath and said

“Rally the backstage crews, stir up the extras, awaken our sleeping stars for our chance has arrived, now is our time, now we get to show them all the show truly Does go on, and nothing will prevent us from our goal!!!”

Macdeath hurried out to rouse the troupe in preparation for the debut, leaving Girth to return to his thoughts and dreams-now one step closer…..

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