A tough, tough season.

It had been a tough, tough season again for the Pumpkin Kings. Despite their promotion last season the team just had not seemed to gel and the punishing injuries the team had received in earlier seasons had begun to take their toll.

Despite a promising start against his old friendly foe, The Lord of The Skinks and coach Lazertrip, things had gone from bad to worse. Tripping over themselves, half hearted blocks, DwarfGiant’s own personal issues. It had been poor, and the team looked destined for relegation for the second time in their history.
However, going in to the last week of the regular season Coach DwarfGiant had given an inspiring team talk. Something involving red hot poker’s and cannibalism as rumours would have it. It resulted in a win against a newly promoted Pro Elf team, in the form of Tuesday the 17th, and they bore the brunt of The Kings frustration.
This gave a glimmer of hope, but survival still hinged on other results. Thankfully, DwarfGiant’s oldest foe, VpowerV, coaching a Vampire team Factor 50 United, pulled out a remarkable win to send the legendary Grimbeards down instead of The Kings.
A reward was in order. They may have battled on the pitch but a token of thanks was owed to VpowerV. DwarfGiant pondered on how he could repay him. ‘I wonder how he likes Troll blood? Maybe I’ll send him a bottle or two’.
In other news it is rumoured Fist Rockbone, a previous record signing may have been cut from the squad.

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