A Trip to Mount SunSpire Temple

A new team I puzzled alright where em I headin? “Lustria now get outta here”

i arrived on the coast of Lustria met by the humidity, heat and dense jungle, my guide a jumpy little skink already waiting for me “you zee reporter” he hissed yeah wheres the team “a tops that there mountain” he pointed to the large volcano sitting above the jungle canopy “don’t worry its dormant” he assured me; hesitant to follow we hiked for what seemed like hours the heat murder, the air distinctly getting thinner between the bloodwasps and the humidity, I’m surprised i didn’t die or collapse midway. Crawling out from the dense foliage not realizing it extended so near to the mountains peak a grand stone temple adorned with Purple and Gold banners was all that stood untouched by the Lustrian jungles below quickly ushered through a large gateway to the sight of 5 Saurus fumbling a ball back an forth shoving and jaws snapping among one another i was sure one would surely injure the other i stood in awe at there strength till a skink lounging on a rock to the side of the field watching others run laps caught my eye, I see some embrace your name sake I laughed. SKITTER your back called he called go join the others!

I’m Tzassa, welcome to SunBurst Stadium home of the SunSpire Sunbelllies Atop the Great Mount Sunspire The first place the light touches each day he strangely claimed.

I stood around and watched them practise i was shocked i have seen some things but a Saurus attempting passes and skinks assisting blocks and a skaven for a Coach a Skaven coaching lizards!!!

It was a sight.

A young team eager but they knew nothing of the game, lead by a less then competent Skaven coach, and a so called star that would rather sleep in the sun then train.

I don’t see it being an easy debut for these amateur lizards but time will tell.

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