Act 3 The Uprise of the Misfits

Act 3

Out with it Ullow. Beerz stumbled forward as the rage took hold. Ullow looked at him. Easy Beerz you might want to sit down for this one. Beerz sat down and looked at Ullow. It’s was your king Beerz. Rumor has it he didn’t like what you and Maygi were doing with this blood bowl idea. Beerz slammed his gimpy hand on the table. Prikterg gather the boys bring them all here now, yelled Beerz. 15 minutes passed and the whole team had gathered. Listen boys we need to gather all are fellow chaos teams. We have to take this fight to the king. Mr. Miyagi would not of stood for this treachery. Go and gather Robowhale and his hades angles, more shots and the BCPH, mighty Chaz and kill kill kill, big badger and tainted destroyers, camocritter and the blackiron swampdonkeys, silent thunder and the flat earth angles and hairy and the thugs of wardrake. Go tell them we need them to help in this battle.

Berz  and Ullow told the others to set off to gather the rest of the chaos teams. Ullow, Prikterg I want you two to go and watch the king. I’m going to talk to a couple of Myagi’s friends maybe there’s away to do this and no one gets hurt but the king. Ullow and Prikterg set off to find the king. Beerz made his rounds talking to some of the royal guards. A few days passed and the rest of the team showed back up. Tiny Tim found Beerz sitting in his tent. Beerz all have come and all are ready to help us. Beerz looked at tiny Tim. Good, tell the power hour to attack the north gate. Both the angles to hit the south gate. Tell the donkeys and kill kill kill to hit the west gate. Tell the destroyers and the thugz to hit the east. We’ll spread out over all the doors. Ullow and Prikterg with me well go through the north door. Shots, Badger, Camo, Hairy, Thunder, Robo and Chaz I have the word of the royal guards there not going to stop us. Tell everyone to make there way to the great hall. There the king will be with his loyal guards. I’ll see you all there, go and show Magrita the power of the chaos nation.
The time came Beerz and the misfits along with the other chaos teams made there way to the gates of the castle. The guards didn’t put up much of resistance. Any guard that was apposed to the charge of the chaos were struck down with no mercy. Claws and power took the city. Beerz came to the great hall. Shots Robo Hairy Camo Thunder Badger and Chaz along with there great chaos men meat the Misfits at the main door to the hall. Beerz spoke with great pride. Go now and gather the people of Magrita. After what is to come well need to set them straight on what this city is going to be. The teams left and started togather the people. Beerz, Ullow and Prikterg entered the hall. The king and his loyal guards where there waiting.
How dare you challenge the king, death to you all yelled a guard as they started to advance. Beerz walked right for the king as if no one else was in the room. The power and the claws of Ullow and Prikterg made short work of the guards. Beerz stood in front of the king. I only have one question. Why would you kill your longest and greatest general? The king stumbled and sat on the floor looking at the three. Why? Why? Why you ask? Because he brought the likes of you. He chose the chaos over his own people. He was tainted by there power and for that he had to be silenced. Look at you….. A Beastmen with a cripple arm that no creature of this land would keep alive. And you, with your mutated hands and so driven with bloodlust. And you… Yes you the big dumb cross eyed minotaur what can I say more about you. You have taken my city but my people will never give in to your chaos ways. Beerz smiled at the king. I’ll tell you what if I walk out to the people right now and they don’t cheer for me and the misfits we’ll leave. If they cheer then my boys here will show you why other teams don’t like us and are claws. Beerz turned and headed toward the balcony. The king jumped up drawing a knife from his side grabbed Beerz and held the knife to his throat. Let me tell you something you mutated piece of trash. I’m going to order the killing of all chaos in the lands. I’m going to end this blood bowl rain in Magrita, but first I’m going to do what Myagi couldn’t do and that’s end your sorry excuse for a life. The king took a deep breath but it wasn’t for strength but for gasps of air. His arms feel to his sides and the knife hit the ground. Beerz jumped from the week king and turned. A knife was stuck straight through his heart. Behind him was a beastmen one Beerz hadn’t seen before. The king dropped to the ground yet no one noticed there eyes were fixed on the beastmen and his partner.
Beerz took a step forward. Who are you and what is your names? For I owe you my life. The beastmen step forward drawing his sward from the dead king. He took a knee. I’m Jofro and this is my friend Sloukey Pelt. We have come to Magirta because we heard this is the place a beastmen can play blood bowl with not knowing much about it. I come for one reason. That’s to show my father that his basterd son can play blood bowl better then any lizard can. I hear that one day the Misfits may play his Seers and for that I offer my services………

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