All you need is hope

The coach looked at his team; well, they did it! They managed to quadruple their points from the first season. Four points was nothing to be sniffed at there was a chance to build.

Yes, they had lost team mates in the process, but they have also gained knowledge. They could easily kick on from where they were. They would be no new blood again this season, due to money restrictions, but the coach wasn’t worried.

There would be a party celebration for the end of the season. Wishful was getting the MVP for the season just because he was the rising star. Just finishing with four points was an achievement in itself and once the party was over the hard work would start again.

The coach already had plans, already had things he wanted to try; some of the team had literally joined them for the last match and needed to get up to speed quickly.

The coach would spend his time wondering if this was his last hurrah. Would the next season be his last before he decided it was time to move on and try something different? He knew there might be something on the horizon that might change things, but for now all was good.

The champagne was flowing, singing was happening, everyone was enjoying their time now. Knowing smile winced as he stood, throwing Wishful in the air, cheering and pretending to fumble him in his big hands. Jolly fella, well, he was up to something.

The next season was going to be fun; they all knew it.

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