Along Came an Elf

A long time ago, a joyful elf adventured into the depths of the Gloomy Forest . There, he saw something he had never seen before: an oval shaped ball. As peaceful and calm as elves of his kind were he was surprised to see such rare object lying on the ground… After he had picked it up and observed it he was already throwing it around and running with it. It was fun at first but soon he realised that it would much better if he could share this ‘game’ with some of his friends.

A few days, a joyful group of elves, 10 to be exact, adventured into the depths of the Gloomy Forest. The ball was still in its orginal place. They inmediately began to play, passing the ball around running and jumping through the forest, it was great… or so it seemed.

A dark witch elf, who had been watching the group of friends from her hideout, was  ready to take action. When the elves left laugining and excited for the game they ha discovered, she cast a spell on the ball. The following day a transformation took place. One by one as the group of friends pased the ball around, the bright ambience that surrounded them disappeared. The elves were no longer cheerful and happy, they began to forget how it felt to be happy. They became wild.

Soon, they approached the game in a completely different way. They left the passing game and were now more violent and brutal. One of them began to bring a knife with him whenever they played. What was once a joyful group of friends adventuring into the depths of the Gloomy Forest  to have a good time had now become a team of viscious and rabid dark elves, commanded by an evil dark elf witch.

Rumours of a group of outlaw elves spread quickly and they were exiled from their homeland into the forest. None dared to approach them and after a while, they were soon forgotten. However, word had reached the lands of men were a defeated and desperate Blood Bowl coach heard of this murderous team. His name was VAVA, he never gave his surname. Without meditation he parted for the Gloomy Forest  at once.

As was expected, he was not well recieved by the 11 elves who threatened to kill him for daring to enter their land. But VAVA did not give up yet. After watching them play with extreme violence, speed and agility, he decided to risk it all. He proposed to form a Blood Bowl team and join the MML were he promised them they will obtain fame, victory and glory and most importantly, recover the respect they had lost a long time ago.

After training and preparing themselves, the Night’s Watch is finally ready to play in the league commanded by their unheard of coach: VAVA and a team of 11 dark elves…

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