An ‘Onest Gobbo

“So, what are you guys exactly?”

“We’z goblins, boss. We’z wanna play Blood Bowls wiv dah big teams, yessir.”

“The thing is…” The commissioner scratches his head before continuing. “I mean, you don’t exactly look like normal goblins. We’ve been here three minutes and not one of you has tried to bribe me.”

The spokesgoblin looks theatrically shocked. Both of his hands go to cover his two mouths in maudlin surprise. “We iz honest goblins, yes we are, never wud we ever do sumfing like that. We’z not like our cuzins, that’s fer sure! We plays an ‘onest game guv!”

Unconvinced, the commissioner looks outside, eyes drawn to a purplish mound of flesh, pockered with green lumps. “I think that’s a troll, I hope it is anyway, though it does look a bit off. But the point is, there’s only one of it. Er, him.” He considers. “No, ‘it’ is right, I think.”

“We’z only want one. Iz difficult finding one of sufficient, erm…” The second head whispers in the first head’s ear. “Calibre.”

“That’s another thing, I thought goblins only had one head?”

The lead goblin points to another greenskin near the back. “That one does!”

After another pause and a heavy sigh, the man in the high backed leather chair shakes his head. “All right, why not. This should be funny. Sign here, please.”

Story written by Twelfman, editted and published on behalf of Twelfman by Josiah_Frost

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