And so it begins!

The first Big Hope match gave the coach something to work with and indeed, some hope. The coach looked at his scribbled match notes. He could still hear the noise of that chainsaw which the refs seemed oblivious to. It had been a terror running from one gnoblar to another taking them down, and no one could seem to to get their hands on it to take it down.

Two times the ball had been inches from the opponents touchdown zone and Nuffle decided it wasn’t to be. A bomb thrown with great accuracy/ fluke / luck dropped out of the air, perplexing Gnoblar Giver, who was too busy working out his celebration move to see said bomb before it was too late; ‘oh ka boom’ was all he could shout when he woke up from his nap later in the second half.

Gnoblar Big Hug was the star, after single-handed fighting a rear Guard action trying to stop the bouncing goblin, almost succeeding. He threw himself into the action just falling inches short of a glorious opening day touchdown. ‘I just couldn’t make it coach’ he later explained.

Hopeful had one opportunity to stop the bouncing pogo maniac but unfortunately fell over his own feet. It was later discovered a ‘helpful’ goblin had told him his boots were untied and offered to lace his boots up minutes early (Velcro slip on boots now ordered for all players), and to add insult to injury, when he got up and made the tackle, he got tangled in the pogo mechanics which took both players down, but ultimately lead to a walk in touch down.

Suck it and see, really did suck, and needs a whole lot of work in training and on the practice field. He only threw one punch the whole match which unfortunately took both himself and the opponent down. After that he was obviously not himself and lost confidence in his ability; he took a blow which resulted in an injury, taking him out of next week match with the first lot of dwarfs. (The coach had his suspicions it may have been deliberate and wished he had thought of it first.)

Always leading, acting gnoblar Captain, lead himself to an early release from the team; disappointed in himself, he took his stuff out of his locker before the rest of the team got off the pitch; he didn’t even have the guts to say good bye.

Apart from that the coach felt the team had done well; the 3-0 scoreline didn’t really tell the whole story about the game, and there had been positive reactions from rival Coaches and fans.

There was still some hope, next week’s match to train for, and perhaps to get a shock win against Dio’s dwarfs coming off their week 1 win. With just 4 ogres active for the match, the chances were very slim and the odds piled up high against them, but the coach didn’t care; he wanted to beat those odds, and anyway he still had a few favours that could to be pulled in.

As the Boys came on for morning training and a debrief, written on the board was ‘dust yourself off and play on’.

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