Angry benefactors

Having interviewed Death Debt last season and seeing their rapid promotion to the Pro leagues we have decided to try to get another interview with the coach and necromancer Hugoboss. This was no easy task however as he refused to answer any magical calls. Not many have seen the coach for quite some time. He has been only seen on the sidelines with a large cloak to hide his features. We decided to dig deeper to try to find the coach so we can give the story to the blood thirsty fans. We couldn’t find the home of the necromancer but we did find him watching the game between Kru FC and the Har Ganeth Executionerz. During the midst of this amazing game we were able to grab him with the help of some norscans (With the offer of ale). We dragged him to our interview wagon to find out the answer to his odd behavior.

We asked some questions to the coach who looked to be in rather rough shape. Missing several fingers as well! “Hugoboss what has happened to you? Did your zombies happen to bite off a few fingers?” The coach shifted uncomfortably as he said “Well I can’t exactly say but our team’s performance has not been to the liking of some powerful individuals.” We asked further on this topic but he refused to give more information on the subject. We asked how his team was doing as he said “Well we had a rather wild start. Our mummies took some rather painful injuries against goblins! Not even from their chainsaws or trolls. We recently put one down for now for a future project I had in mind and replaced him with a rather violent and old debtor. Debt has done rather well though but will soon by put down for his broken bones. He knows how to take a hit though. Our captain Mortlock has not done the most but he is slowly learning how to be a better player. Vlad was killed and you could see the look of happiness from being freed from this hell. Goblin Gambling would not let go of debt that quick however and brought him back in a new body in order to have him pay off his debt. He is quite depressed now and went to drinking. Not entirely sure why because as a Wight he can’t get drunk but I don’t judge. The ghouls have been really good for our team. One of them has bit the dirt with their head being crushed preventing them coming back…Lucky guy. Will has been our saving grace ball carrier. Working well to repay his debt. I am starting to think he enjoys this somewhat with the crowds adoration. Even getting a tattoo of the team on his back so when he runs past the enemy team they only see the logo of death debt. Two new ghoul debtors by the name of Limbslicer and Debt Collector have being useful for the team. Limbslicer has a fondness for the ball often mistaking it for food and is desperate to get a hold of it. The zombies have done wonders for advertisement and been wonderful meat shields. Taking many hits that I thought would put them down for good they just shamble back up. We have inflicted a death on GameOver and made a new fodde- I mean player. Our newest member is named Alistair who used to be a black ork so we hope for some powerful punches.” After hearing about his team we asked about why he was on the low and he said “I can’t have my foes see my weakness and I have some trolls I want to avoid.” Finally we asked on how he think his time in pro will go. “We started off good but I am unsure how we will continue. We are facing some powerful teams but I can hope that our large numbers will be able to work in our favor and take out some key players on other teams.”

After hearing some loud knocks on our wagon Hugoboss quickly jumped out the wagon in fear and ran off. We saw a rather confused troll chasing after him with a goblin poking him to keep going. We are unsure on who Hugoboss has angered but let us hope he survives so we can see how his undead will handle with the big boys. Will he be able to stand toe to toe against the vastly more powerful Har Ganeth Executionerz? Will we find out next week our adoring fans! Remember to make your daily prayer to nuffle lest he gives you skulls!

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