Announcing: MML 4-Man

Sure we could hold another innovative tournament. You know, one where we come up with some crazy rules, have coaches register and then play games based on the same ruleset and tally up the score at the end and declare a winner. I mean…that’s what we do…so I guess we should do it again!! However, this time…its a team effort!!

MML 4-Man Rules

Tournament Format

  • Six 4-Man teams (24 total teams/coaches)
  • Round Robin:
    • Five rounds, one match per round per team
    • Coaches will not play versus their own teammates
  • One match per week


  • Teams get 5 points for a win
  • Teams get 3 points for a draw

Team Building Guidelines

  • 4-Man Teams
    • 4-Man teams consist of 4 coaches, each with their own team
    • Each 4-Man team needs a Captain.
      • Captains may, but need not, be a member of the 4-man team.
      • Captains cannot coach for another 4-man team.
    • Coaches of the same 4-Man team cannot use the same race, i.e. all teams of 4-Man team must be of different races
  • Individual Team Building:
    • Each team must be 1500 points or less
    • Each team can consist of no more than 3 Pile-On skills
    • Each team can not have more than 2 ability skill-ups in total
    • Each team must have at least 12 players
    • Teams are allowed to take any stadium enhancement

Pairing of Fixtures

At the beginning of the tournament, the League will post the fixtures for the 4-Man team match-ups.

At the beginning of each week the following will occur:

  1. Captain A chooses one of their own teams for the 1st matchup
  2. Captain A chooses one of their opponents teams to be banned from the 1st matchup
  3. Captain B chooses one of their own teams for the 1st matchup
    1. The banned team cannot be chosen
  4. Captain B chooses one of their remaining two teams for the 2nd matchup
  5. Captain B chooses two of their opponents teams to be banned from the 2nd matchup
  6. Captain A selects the remaining unbanned team for the 2nd matchup
  7. Captain A selects one of their own banned teams for the 3rd matchup
  8. Captain B selects their remaining unbanned team for the 3rd matchup
  9. The two remaining teams make up the 4th matchup


The competition will be a Ladder Competition. This means that teams will spin versus their opponent at an arranged time AFTER ensuring no other teams are spinning. This makes it easy to track games, see records and ensure we don’t need to shuffle competitions for the weekly pairing shuffle.