Apocalypse Ad infinitum Pt.2

It had been some time since Wyatt’s brain was sent to Count Fnords. The team were deeply concerned they’d made a mistake as they’d heard nothing back from the elusive eccentric. Their concern was amplified by a visit to Site B from the Clade Master Velociraptor.

The grandiose arrival he made was not seen by the InGen team, they waited sheepishly in the Site B locker room for Velociraptors arrival. As the cloaked figure approached his entourage took stations outside the entrance. Two towering Tomb Guardians from the Xanadu Immortals stood watch just outside. He entered alone. Pulling back his hood and revealing the grossly distorted face of a human with protruding teeth, torn reptilian skin and yellow eyes.
“It’s been weeks since I sent Hugh Mann here…” He raised his voice angrily, “Where is your coach?!”
Gehn was the only one to speak up, after a moment of awkward silence saying: “He… uh he never arrived boss…”
Velociraptor turned a cruel gaze on the skink and tilted his head bearing his teeth, “He never arrived?! Why are you lying little skink?! I know he arrived…. You have done something to him… removed him…”
Dino Newt chimed in, “I am certain he will return in time! Before the season kicks off!”
Velociraptor slowly walked up to the skink, reached out with one arm and put his clawed fingers around its neck. “You don’t know what you’ve done do you? … I believe you know where he is, but not what you’ve done…” Velociraptor twisted his wrist suddenly, snapping the skinks neck and its body went limp instantly. The team stepped back instinctively in horror. Velociraptor released the dead skink from his grasp and spoke one last time before leaving the room… “Without a coach to sign the application, InGen Apocalypse did not make the registration deadline for the MML season 11. Think about what you have done.”

As he left the room and earshot of the stunned team Velociraptor gestured casually to the two Tomb Guardians outside, and without breaking his stride he said, “The experiment is over, kill them all.”
Bossk II was holding Dino Newts fragile body up from the floor with the grieving team crowded around when the door opened once more. The team turned to see two Tomb Guardians enter. “What is this?” Said Chameleon fearfully, but T-Rex instinctively knew. He charged the largest Guardian and took it off guard. The second Guardian swung at Paddles, hitting him square in the jaw and sending him crashing to the ground. Bossk II roared in anger and tried to head butt the second Guardian but only made contact with the sharp blade of a BlitzRa who darted into the room taking him by surprise. The blade cleanly split the saurus head with a downward blow and sent Bossk II crashing to the ground. Dead.
Meanwhile more Khemri entered and as T-Rex tore the arm off the first Guardian only to see it regenerate before his eyes, Gehn and Chameleon knew there was no hope of winning this fight. “Run! Out the back way!” Yelled Gehn as he turned to flee, chameleon following closely. As Paddles struggled to his feet blocking hits from every side, he saw the first Guardian beginning to get the better of T-Rex. The ancient undead monster was overpoweringly strong, the entire team felt the their hearts sink as it lifted T-Rex over its head before dropping him on its knee. The crack was so loud Velociraptor heard it as he boarded the ferry to leave Site B, it brought a cruel smile to his face.

Those who escaped that fateful day fled into the islands dense forests. The death of T-Rex convincing the remaining Saurus to retreat.
InGen Apocalypse still remain together, a broken team with a glorious history in the MML. Sheltered by the Leaf Tail Wanderers who know all to well the pain caused by InGen corporation.
Perhaps they will one day be reunited with their lost coach, but for now they will play in the lower leagues and keep a low profile. This is not the end of their story, just a new direction. After all, the InGen Apocalypse is forever.

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