Apocalypse Waylaid


The elevator seemed to rise for an eternity as Wyatt ascended to the heights of InGen tower. He watched the numbers rise endlessly on the control monitor whilst Dino Chicken leant casually against the gold hand rail, his stunty height allowing his chin to rest on the rail in what looked to Wyatt to be an extremely uncomfortable manner. But then Dino Chicken had very little sensation in his body after being Injured so many many times. Perhaps that’s why he was the only skink willing to accompany Wyatt knowing he was planning to lodge a complaint with his InGen sponsors. Dino Chicken had volunteered out of loyalty in case Wyatt needed a hand to make a speedy exit. Brave skink thought Wyatt. He nervously gripped the paperwork he had brought with him and hoped he was doing the right thing.

The elevator slowed to a halt and the tall steel doors slid open. Although the ceilings were fantastically high and his footsteps echoed off the wood floor as he made his exit from the lift, there was little way of knowing how high they had risen since the room had no windows. Instead it’s dark wood panelled walls were lite by an extravagant array of candles, so many in fact that there was a human servant who’s sole purpose of employment was to replace them as they burnt out. Although Wyatt suspected the distorted mutant reptiles he had come here to meet kept a human close by for more sinister, ugly reasons. Especially given the jobs high rate of turnover..
Dino Chicken skittered from Wyatt’s left side to his right and back again as they approached the large stone table and the three InGen Clade Masters.

Wyatt noticed an empty glass and a smoking ash tray filled with cigar butts next to a vacant chair at the table…

“You’ve had company, hope I’m not interrupting.” He said tersely.

Deinonychus:”Why have you returned so soon?”

Wyatt threw the file onto the table, “Why are you trying to sabotage our progress?!”, he said as firmly as he could as the file slid to a stop in front of Velociraptor.

The candle man froze wide eyed, Dino Chicken noticed the human had a ‘Dream Wild’ tattoo on the back of his neck. He was sweating vigorously from the heat of the flames, or perhaps from fear. He was also tethered at his ankle to a rail on the wall, which reminded the skink of his own painful upbringing and brought a shiver to his fin.

Deinonychus: “Watch your tongue human! We are doing no ssuch thing.”

Velociraptor began to leaf through the file as Wyatt continued: “All transfer deals have been cancelled? This is not just an edict from the commissioner, I can’t make a single transaction without being blocked! What’s going on?”

Saurornitholestes waved his clawed hand in a dismissive gesture, “We are still engaged in further expansion of our breeding programs and growing our brand, we will deal with the transfers human do not forget that this is our team.. A Lizard team. InGen will continue to manage exclusively all transfers in the MML without consulting you. There are larger concerns you aren’t aware of.”

“Larger concerns?” Snapped Wyatt, “If one of your transfer decisions costs us the playoffs next season I promise you now that I will not be coaching for you in season 8!”

Velociraptor stood slowly from his grandiose chair, “I guarantee you Wyatt, if you do not reach the play offs in season 7, you will not return to coach in season 8. Unless you’ve joined the ranks of the undead…”

Wyatt felt that he had pushed the matter as far as he could, as idle a threat as that was. Yet something still bothered him and as he bowed respectfully and left the hall he paused for a moment and turned back..

“There is one thing I would like to know… What is the S.O.L.?”

Deinonychus:”Where did you hear this?”

“It’s marked as reference on many of this seasons transfer offers. Hidden in the terms of servitude..”

Deinonychus:”It is an error, it means nothing. Do not mention this or the transfers again, it is not your place to question the Clade. Deliver results or suffer the consequences.”

With that Wyatt returned to the elevator, Dino Chicken in tow. As the doors closed and their descent began he turned to the battle weary skink. “What do you think D.C.?”, Dino Chicken appeared to be fervently gnawing on his left claw but his response revealed that he perhaps understood the entire situation better than Wyatt did..

Dino Chicken:”I think their in over their heads.”

As they continued their descent, the elevator shaft echoed with the spine chilling screams of the candle man.

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