Apothecary stimulants? Alchemical doping?

Rumors abound over the the MML boards closing of the offseason transfer market. What is going on in the farm that they’re trying to keep out if the league. The board has said that the investigation will not be through before the start of season 11.

This leaves our local G’ulf Coast team the ATX Longthorns in some what of a predicament. They were looking to replace Mistress Thorn who suffered a career ending injury this offseason. Queen Arachnia was just waiting to step onto the pitch as a ‘thorn. Also what will this do to the plans to acquire Thorne Munchaussen after season 11.

The Thorns may have bigger problems though. There have been rumors about the freakishly strong elves on their roster. Do they come from hard work or some unsavory experiments. Their ability to acquire more and more of these juggernauts could be the cause of this crackdown. Is there something rotten in the ATX?

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