Army of the Dead?

A new team arrives to the Blood Bowl Challenge League this season! The Deadite Republic will be entering the Mixed CL Playpool. They will be calling the Death and Destruction Conference their home for this special inaugural season. When asked about his team’s chances, Coach HappyBudda11 said, “We really just want to make sure our guys stay grounded out there. It’s one play at a time really. They’re dead but like not totally dead, and that’s what makes this group of guys special.”

The Deadite Republic is a jumbled mix of no names that they hope will soon become graveyard favorites. Their pre-season MVP- as picked by “The Graven Chronicle” newspaper- is a Ghoul called Brutus who prefers a mix of bashing and slashing.

“I model my game after the great “Zekiel the Deadliest.” I had posters of him in my coffin growin up. He didn’t shy away from big hits when he needed to and he also had a knack for the endzone. I want to be even better than him by the end of it, but Coach keeps telling me to focus on staying grounded, one play at a time- he says that a lot.”

Brutus has a long way to go if he can emulate the electrifying play of Zekiel the Deadliest. The former All-Star had a record of 18 games without an injury before his retirement in 1999. This new team is still adapting to life on The Farm before the 25th season kicks off later next month. They lack a full season of playing together, and they also have little experience being coached by the human, HappyBudda11. During our preseason presser, the new coach opened up about the difficulty involved with creating a winning culture and getting the players to execute at their peak consistently.

“I think the most important thing to remember coming into this season is to keep focused on what we’re doing on the field. I remind the guys to stay present. We have daily yoga and mindfulness breaks after practice to build this habit of presence. Some of the Zombies are naturally so good at this that we’ve actually let those guys teach those mindfulness classes every now and then.” The new Coach says the mentality of the team has been a pleasant surprise this inaugural preseason. “Coaching these guys is a privilege, but I also know that it’s not a right.”

Touching sentiments, but will it correlate to on-field performance?

The club’s training ground is situated adjacent to the graveyard where a majority of the first-time Blood Bowlers were recruited from. The team thought it wise to create a pipeline for recruiting. Having these young dreamers next to the training ground also provides the team with a ready fan base. However, the team’s ability to activate this dead recruiting pipeline will all come down to success on the field. Hard-hitting front man, Vlad the Victorious, one-half of the Mummy duo that the Deadites will be leaning on significantly this season isn’t phased by this burden of success, “We know we’re a good team, but we want to show ourselves that we are a great team. And like Coach says ‘one play at a time,’ it’s those little things like our focus that are going to show our greatness.”

The team appears ready to begin the journey, but who will be involved once the final roster spots are earned? “We have a couple moons before we need to accept the ticket [the league deadline is Friday 11/27 midday UK time] and lock our guys in at that time. It’s going to be a tough decision, but that’s what me and the other coaches are charged with doing. We have a good skeleton crew of guys coming in day in and day out putting in work trying to get a spot on this team. We have a couple spots left that are open for evaluation.” HappyBudda11 remains tight-lipped on the makeup of his final roster. The Coach hopes to get in at least one more Farm match before rounding out the team.

Fans that we spoke to during the team’s recent open practice were hopeful that their new, local club could make some big waves in the coming weeks.

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