Banned !

Hanz Schrieber leant over his writing desk quill in hand he’d been hard at work for five hours as the official scribe of the Stromdorf Stompers he was busy working on the players contracts for the upcoming MML season when there was a knock on the door he gritted his teeth and shook his head he had left instructions not to be disturbed, reluctantly he beckoned in the very nervous junior scribe “well” Hanz said in a tone that left the young scribe in bo doubt of his annoyance.
The young scribe swallowed hard and stuttered his response “S s sorry master Schrieber a parchment arrived for you” Hanz coild see the rolled up parchment in the scribes trembling hands he could see that the parchment had the official MML seal, Hanz grasped the parcment and rolled it out on his desk.
He began to read it out loud “It is hereby decided that the Stromdorf Stompers Blood Bowl Team shall be withdrawn forewith from the upcoming MML season.
It is concluded that the Stromdorf Stompers have fielded an ineligible player the said player Arturo Scalluci formely of the Tilean team the Verrezo Vulcans Blood Bowl club is wanted for the murder of former head coach of the aforementioned Verrezo Vulcans which is in clear breach of his contract we urge you to asssist the holding and detention of the player named Arturo Scalluci so that he can be returned to his native Tilea to face trial for the murder of the Vulcans head coach.
Further more it has been concluded that by signing said ineligible player that the Stromdorf Stompers have breached MML regulation 221.A subsection 43 and therefore it as been decided that the Stromdorf Stompers Blood Bowl team will serve a one season ban from all MML competitions.”

Hanz read it again to make sure of exactly what the parchment said and went scurrying down the corridors of the Stompers stadium to alert the teams owners of this worrying development.

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