BCPH: From Ashes to New

A title was won.  A promise was kept.

The stadium was burnt to the ground and the players went their separate ways.  Coach sent to Orcatraz for crimes long since forgotten.  The owner left with his pile of ash and his championship.

But, the call of Chaos never leaves the soul.  It can only lay dormant for so long and the Chaos spirit was on the rise.

If a return was meant to be it would take more than a registration and and a pocket full of gold.  It would take gathering more than just the normal supplies.  Things would have to be done.

A angry Mino orders the construction of a stadium that had built so many times that any orc human or skink that ever picked up a hammer had driven a nail or two into one of the many versions of it.  But, this time the plans called for it the bigger than ever before.  It had to be bigger.  It would have to be a home for more than just a team.  But, instead it would be a haven for all Chaos players past, present, and future.



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