BCPH: No Heros

The Slaughter House had been built and destroyed so many times that most had lost count.  It had seen great wins and crushing defeats.  It he been in the East, West and Challenge league.  The latest version o fit was in the East.  It would be the place of the MML finals.  The Lord of the Skinks would visit the Power Hour to crown a champion.  But below the field deep in the stadium the Power Hour sat in the locker room getting the last instructions before starting the teams practice.

The players sat in front of their wooden lockers.  As the coach walked in front of them and addressed the team.

“We have made it to the finals.” More_Shots continues, “You got here as a team and you need to play like a team in the finals.”

(Walks over to the Chaos Warriors) “You guys have been the heart and soul of this team for as long as I can remember.”

“Jack, you have been with the team since the start.  You support your teammates better than anyone else on this team and have always helped the new guys.”

“Carbomb, we had a rough start.  But, with time you have learned when to be aggressive and when to hold back.  Wrath could learn a bit from you.  You learned to protect the others around you and they protect you.”

“Mark, You have taken the hit so others haven’t had to.  We need you to hang in there a bit longer.  Fight off that nurgles rot.  We need you more now than ever.”

“Jager, You haven’t been around as long as these other guys.  But you came in filling some big shoes and you have done that nicely.  People might not know your name like they did Knob Creek… But, you keep playing like you are and they soon will.”

(Turns to the elder Beastmen) “Ram, Your an original member.  Been here from the start.  I’m proud of the player you have become.  You have shaped this team more than you will ever know.  Out on that field this week the team will look to you for guidance.  The newer guys will need you to lead them in battle.  I’m sure you will be there for them.”

“Skyy, Frizny… You guys will handle the ball.  You guys always do.  You have the entire playbook at your fingertips.  You guys know what you are doing and I trust you will put points on the board.  If you need help don’t hesitate to hand to ball off to the others.”

“Mind, Fire, Salty… You are young.  You have taken the hits and lived to tell about it.  You are learning and have a chance to be the next wave a gifted Beastmen to lead this team.  You are gonna be on the front line and take some hits.  But the team will be right behind you backing you up.  Hang in there and listen to the other guys they will make sure you are in the right spots.”

“Wrath… Wrath… I know this has been a tough adjustment for you.  You play with such passion and emotion.  I like that and it has it’s place.  But, we need to channel that into the right places and the right moments.  Cause if you play as an individual you will find yourself alone and surrounded.  Control that passion and you will be unstoppable!”

(Addressing the entire team)
“You are a team.  A team assembled from unique individuals.  You bring you own set of talents and skills to the team.  But, no single player here could get this far on their own.  We got here cause we played as a team.  So, we need to remember that out there this week.  I don’t want to see anyone playing hero.  We don’t need a hero.  We need you to play as a team.  NO HEROS… Play as a team.”

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  1. Wrath, #1 hero!! You can take a beastman out of The Sins, but you can’t take the sins out of a beastman. Woo Wrath! Yea!!!

    Good luck, More_shots! Rooting for ya!

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