BCPH: S12 Postseason Part1

The Power Hour returned to the MML.  But, they looked different. They acted different.  They played different.  The 2 season break didn’t seem long.  But, it had changed coach More_Shots.  He was refocused on goals that had been long forgotten.  He brought in more elf like agility.  Didn’t replace any of the bash aspects that had been common place for the Power Hour.

They came into the Challenge League with people thinking they would be unbeatable.  But, that wasn’t the case.  They lost week one to a new Necro team.  They rebounded with a victory in week 2.  But, paid a heavy cost in the process.  The team would be down to 3 chaos warriors for the rest of the season and they would never see the father of #StackleTail, Knob Creek, play again.  The season took on a very different look from that point forward.  Missing a key piece of the team this early in the season looked like disaster.  The last time the Power Hour found themselves down a Chaos Warrior back in season 5… their worst season in the history of the franchise.

The team took to the air in the next few games.  Not being able to depend on strength alone they began to get creative.  Taking more and more risks.  Streaking together wins and draws up till week 7.  A formattable Nurgle team stood against them in week 7 and only a win would get them into them into the playoffs.  Somehow they lucked their way into a narrow win and found themselves in the #8 seed of the CL playoffs.

The undefeated Elf Union stood atop the playoffs with a #1 seed firmly in their hands.  These trickie elves had offensive skills that could not be stopped and a hyper aggressive defense that ran head first into the strongest of cages and invade every space to escape.


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