BCPH: S12 Postseason Part2

A pair of clawed hands release the ball and it drops on to the bloodied boot.  Two teams look on eagerly as the ball floats thru the air toward the sticks at the end of the endzone.  A full regulation and a full overtime couldn’t decide a winner for the game and this forced things to a rarely seen free kicks to decide the win.

The ball splits the uprights and the triumphant Chaos Warrior raises his hands in victory.  Irish Carbomb came thru with a clutch kick and won the game.  After a long and hard fought game the Power Hour in a most unlikely way have found themselves moving forward in the CL playoffs.

The visitors locker room was a bustle of smiles and laughter from the team as they packed up for the trip back home.  Coach More_Shots addresses the team before leading them out to the team wagon.

“First things first, great game today guys.  You played amazing.  But, there was someone on this team that almost lost it for us with a dumb mistake.”  The players look around trying to identify who the guilty party might be.

“It is me.” Coach More_Shots admits “I almost let you all down with reckless coaching.  I should have played it safe.  But, sometimes the excitement of the cheering fans and flowing of beer gets to me and I get feeling invincible.  I’ve been taking more and more of these risks since we lost Knob Creek.  I haven’t been the same and this team hasn’t been the same either.  Thank you all for pulling thru and getting us to the next round.  We are gonna get a home game this time so we all can look forward to that.  Also, you all will remember this team cause we played them earlier this season.  The Rolling Ones will be next.  Let’s load up, we have a long trip home.  The players walked thru one at a time as the coach watched them file out.

“Skyy, RAM… you guys look a bit beat up.  Have the doctors check you out when we get back.  I don’t want you guys risking any permanent injuries”

Carbomb is the last to exit and the coach pulls him aside, “I’ve always been hard on you for your playing style.  It was different from what we had been doing before you got here.  I’ve seen you playing more as part of this team lately and it’s really helped fill in now that Knob is gone.  These playoffs might be your chance to change how people see you.  You surprised me when you stepped up to take the kick.  I guess what I’m saying is keep up the great work.  You’re really making a difference for the guys stepping up like that.”

A loaded cart rides off into the darkness of the night.

It’s path would lead them home to face another difficult opponent.  The undefeated High Elves with the ability to score at will and movement and agility that leaves no cage safe.

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