BCPH Season XIII: Dark Corners and Dark Blood

3 Weeks into the season and he was still adjusting to his new environment.  Coach called him Jägermeister, he could be found in the darkest corner locker where the sunlight couldn’t reach.  No matter what angle it stretched it couldn’t reach it’s rays into the area.  That is where he would stay.  The sunlight would fill him with a violent rage.  His anger gave him strength on the field.  But, he prefered the solitude that the dark corner provided him when he wasn’t entrenched in battle.

Meanwhile in a different dark corner of the stadium the coach and the team APO held a large needle over the top of a Chaos Warrior sprawled across a large wooden table.

“This is gonna hurt a bit.” the APO advises… “But, this will be the only way to confirm how bad things have gotten.  Coach I’ll need you to hold his head to the side and keep him as still as possible.”

More_Shots grips the chaos warriors head and turns it to the side keeping a window open for the approaching needle.  The needle presses hard against the back of the players neck and indents the skin deep before cleanly piercing the surface driving the point deep towards the spine.

The clumsy presses the needle deeper till striking a bone protecting the fragile spine.  This gets a sharp grunt from the player as he jerks upward from the pain.  The coach and APO look at each other of a quick glance.  One with a “Do you know what your doing” look and the other with eye saying “Whoops, sorry I’m doing the best I can.”

The coach regrips the players head and places his knee on the should to help still the player. The doctor adjust the needles location a touch and then begins to pull the plunger back slowly.  The needle begins to fill with rich red blood.  The APO and coach both sigh a breath of relief at this sight.  Then the blood begins to darken some.  Swirls of dark and pale colors begin to invade the liquid.  They finish the extraction and pull the needle out of the neck.  Next they hold the needles contents up to a candle for inspection.

“It’s green… yeah that looks pretty green.” the APO mutters.

“You sure it’s green.  I mean that looks a bit black or maybe purpleish?” The coach bargains.

“Don’t kid yourself coach… That’s green.  I mean when he first got the neck pains his agility went.  now we see him having trouble moving around.  I know you don’t want to here it.  But, all signs are pointing to it.  You have to tell him.”

The coach walks of to the player now sitting on the table, “Look, Makers Mark, I’ve got some bad news.  That neck injury from a while back somehow got infected.  Normally we could give you some treatment and clear this all up.  But, this is “The Rot.” Every time you get hurt you are are turning more and more Nurgle.  We will do everything we can to help you maintain how you are.  But, at some point this will likely end your career… if it doesn’t end your life first.”

Makers Mark’s head hangs down in shame as the weight of the words hit him.

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