Best in Race

The MML is made up of many different and diverse teams. To highlight the accomplishments of those coaches who choose to focus on becoming the best coach of a certain race, the MML is releasing the Best in Race Leaderboard.

Scoring System

Each coach will earn points for each event they participate in.

  • 3 Categories of events:
    • CL/Pro League
      • In order to qualify, your team must finish an entire season. Partial Seasons will not be counted.
        • Regular Season
          • Win = 3pts
          • Draw = 1pt
        • Post-Season
          • Win = 3pts
        • Bowl Game
          • Win = 2pts
    • Charity Tournament
      • In order to qualify, you must complete the tournament.
        • Champion = 10pts
        • Runner-Up = 5pts
        • Participant = 1pt
    • Farm
      • Only teams with 8 or more games are eligible.
        • Win = 1pt (max 15pts)