Bill COWher Transfer Target

Behind a closed door deep within the quiet stadium, More_Shots sits behind his wobbly pine desk. The transfer targets again spread across every inch of it. He picks up a paper with the picture of a Warrior on it. Then looks at a Beastman with several mutations. Then looks back at the Beastman.

“Looks like it’s down to one of you guys.” More_Shots says to himself

Heavy footsteps approach. They get closer and closer till they stop outside of the door. Then they pause. The door slowly swings in to reveal Bill COWher filling the doorway.

Bill COWher was never a Mino known for being in a pleasant mood and this wasn’t any exception to that. His mood looked to be less than angry and more that annoyed. His words started slow but, gained speed as they went.

“You have always done a good job coaching this team. You have kept them in the running for playoffs and done the Power Hour name proud. But, you haven’t done enough. This team had its biggest turn around back in Season 6. In season 6, I made the transfer choice… Carbomb! Now, this season I have decided to make the choice again. I’ve traded Kick in the Bulls. He is on the Deep Ones now. Your little passing experiment is over. I’m sick of hearing how teams are no longer afraid of the Power Hour. I’m sick of looking down from the owner’s box and seeing our players getting carried off the field as the other team is healthy. The Power Hour or going back home to the East and the Power Hour are going back to their physical play.”

Splinters fly from the Apothecaries office door down the hall as a set of claws pierce the wood.

Bill lets out a deep chuckle as he says, “Looks like the new guy is ready. But, then again he isn’t even really new. You coached him long ago.”

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