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DwarfGiant attended a news conference called by The Pumpkin Kings hierarchy this evening to make a big announcement.

‘The Pumpkin Kings would like to announce the first big signing of this seasons transfer market – may we present Fist Rockbone! Now, I would like to open the floor to the journalists. Any questions?’

A number of hands rose. DwarfGiant pointed at a dishevelled man in the crowd. ‘Coach, what do you think Rockbone can offer your team?’

‘He’s a tasty, er, I mean fine, prospect. A big strong lad with a bit more finesse than our previous Troll. Hopefully he will be a bit more reliable’.

A few puzzled glances passed between the journalists.

A wizened old goblin was next to pose a question. ‘Despite Rockbone being a player of obvious quality, do you think it’s a bit soon to be moving on from Bellyguff? He was a bit of a legend round here. Any plans for a public funeral or a chance for fans to say goodbye?’

DwarfGiant looked flustered ‘Well, erm, Bellyguff was a well seasoned, I mean experienced (dammit, he muttered under his breath) player. There will be no public funeral. He’s already been cooked. I MEAN CREMATED! CREMATED! Anyway, we’re delighted Rockbone has signed with us. No further questions!!!’

The journalists scribbled frantically in their notebooks.

DwarfGiant left the press conference shaking his head. It was a great coup to have signed Fist Rockbone. The press conference had almost been a disaster. He’d have to lay off the Bugmans XXXXXX next time he held a press conference.

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