BREAKING: Swamp-Dwelling Greenskins stop mauling each other long enough to enter MML!

Breaking news from Bogmire! The pack of Greenskins responsible for founding the Bogmire Bullfrogs have finally decided on a team captain after several weeks of savage brawling, as Sorhag the Blitzer finally emerged victorious. Fights then immediately began again as the remaining Orcs squabbled over who would be the vice-captain, but with the argument over who was the biggest and strongest finally settled, the Bullfrogs could now set their sights on new victims. Head Coach and Team Owner Kube  said of his players: “Well, they can certainly take a hit and deal even bigger ones in return, so my hopes are high. Heck, there might even be enough time in between bouts of violence to teach them what the point of the ball is!”

More to follow from Bogmire.

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