Buccaneerz on the Horizon


Captain Gorfang Smash ‘Burn surveyed the scene before him. It was a scene that had grown too familiar. A scene that had once filled him with a primal joy, but now just a dull ache. The humie merchant vessel had been torn to pieces by the cannons of Gorfang’s Queen Anne’s Revenge. The humies raised a white flag futilely, for Gorfang’s Black Heart Buccaneerz never showed quarter. Gorfang turned to his first mate, Morglum the Black, and quietly spoke. “Board.”

Morglum nodded and addressed the crew. “Alright ya maggots! Dose humies over dere got our gold! Les go get it! Any orc I see without two humie scalps, I will personally flog and put salt in dey wounds!” With a resounding battlecry, Gorfang’s Black Heart Buccaneerz boarded the humie vessel. Two Black Orcs put boarding planks between the Queen Anne’s Revenge and the humie vessel and orcs and goblins stormed across. Gorfang turned away from the impending slaughter and addressed his first mate.

“As always, well done old friend.”

“Ah it’s easy, jus gotta make em more scared of you than da enemy.” Morglum answered, with the confidence of an orc who’d led several thousand raids in his life time. Gorfang paused for a moment, then replied slowly.

“Is this still as fun as it once was?”

“Wot do ya mean?” Morglum replied, looking confused.

“It’s getting too easy.” Gorfang spoke disdainfully and shook his head. Morglum didn’t say anything, simply continued to look confused by his captain’s words. “C’mon Morglum, let’s go see if anybody’s worth ransoming.” Together, the two Black Orcs crossed the wooden plank on to the captured vessel.

Immediately upon arrival, Tugpig, a scheming, backstabbing goblin, and the newest crew member skittered up to Gorfang. He was pulling a frightened and weeping humie by his collar and skittering at Gorfang in that confounded goblin dialect.

“Cap’n cap’n!” Tugpig screeched. “I got a good one here! Says he has lots of information, very valuable!!”

Gorfang rubbed his forehead to try and forestall the impending headache from this conversation. “What information?” He said with a sigh

“Dis humie says he heard of an island far away where people compete for a trophy of immeasurable value!!!” The goblin spoke so quickly that Gorfang could barely keep up.

“What are you talking about?” Gorfang turned and nodded at Morglum.

Morglum backhanded Turpig out of the way and with his massive hand picked the humie up by his throat. “Explain yourself to da cap’n!” He bellowed into the humie’s terrified face.

“It’s ccccalled the mmMML sir,” the humie stammered. “The Mead and Mayhem league. Every year, team’s compete in a game cccallled Blood Bowl. Whoever wins gets a massive trophy of solid gold, inlaid with priceless gems.”

“Where?” Gorfang strode up to the humie, who was trembling and shaking in Morglum’s massive hand.

When the humie paused, Morglum shook him rapidly and repeated the question. “Where!” The humie gasped and tried to pry Morglum’s fingers from his throat. Alas, it was to no avail and before Gorfang could stop it, the humie’s face turned purple and his body sagged in Morglum’s hand. Morglum dropped him to the deck and looked at Gorfang shamefully. “Sorry cap’n.” He mumbled.

“Search him.” Gorfang replied, unsurprised at the turn of events. Morglum’s interrogations frequently ended this way. Turpig gleefully stripped through the humie’s pockets, stealing rings and coins until finally bring a folded piece of paper to Gorfang. Gorfang unfolded it and read the new that would change fortune of he and his crew for the rest of his life.

“What is it boss?” Morglum stomped over and peered over Gorfang’s shoulder.

“Our destiny.” Gorfang replied softly, half as an answer, half to himself. While Morglum stood confused, Gorfang quickly read over the contents of the paper. This, he thought to himself, this is a real challenge. No more robbing merchants and skulking and hiding from the royal navy. This Mead and Mayhem League would be a real challenge. A real test of skill and pride, something his crew desperately needed. They were already growing too complacent. Mutiny, Gorfang mused, may already be around the corner. But this trophy and this league, would be more than enough to bolster the crew’s spirits and put Gorfang into legend right next to the Buccaneerz founder, James Teach.

Gorfang quickly turned to Turpig, “Tell the helmsman to set a course for the Isle of Nuffle. Give him this,” he handed Turpig the paper, “it has the map.” With half a salute, Turpig sprinted off. Gorfang turned to Morglum, “Tell the men to take anything valuable than scuttle the ship. We leave immediately”

“Aye aye cap. Where are we headed?” Morglum asked.

“Immortality.” Gorfang replied, looking off into the distant horizon. “To a victory that will never be forgotten.” Gorfang turned confidently and marched back to the Queen Anne’s Revenge with Morglum close behind, neither knowing what truly lay before them.


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