But, Did You Die ?

Fester’s boys (as the old Gobbo used to call them) returned home to the mine after a brutal rookie season, battered and broken they resumed their work in the mine.

The two brothers dragging their tail in the ground left snake trails everywhere they went, there was animosity even between the rodent population, the gobbos were too down to pull their practical jokes.

The mines production had dwindled, they hadn’t made a quota in weeks, but it didn’t matter, Fester’s crew could be down but the corporation loved them, they could do no wrong, they were stars for even appearing in Pro. This seemed to make things worse in the mine, there was no drive, no competition, you just had to show up everyday. Fester’s bunch festered…

At lunch on a regular sort of day, the brothers sat picking at their snotling stew. “I can’t take this anymore!” yelled Thecut. His brother, Altim, being injured, saddled with a niggling injury and scared to play again, knew where his brother was headed with this rant and decided to cut it off short. “Sit down and Shut up ! We’re stars at home now that’s as good as we’ll ever get !” Altim would have none of it and snapped back viciously at his brother. “If you weren’t such a weak little halfling we might’ve won that game!”

Thecut was in a lot of pain on a daily basis, furious his brother didn’t see it, he jumped up quickly and scurried for the elevator shaft. Up and out he went into the daylight, feeling sorry for himself. Reaching the surface, he discovered that it was a beautiful day outside. White, puffy clouds filled the sky, a trumpet played in the distance at some celebration. Thecut looked to the sky to sigh longingly when all of a sudden the clouds formed a figure ! In a Star Wars / Lion King esque type moment that fat old Goblin Fester appeared in the clouds !

Fester plugged one nostril and shot the mucous free from the othe in a shower of yellow,red and grey cloud stream, belched and then said ” You make me sick, you little shrew lover ! You guys did great out there ! ” Thecut looked down sadly and sighed “I’m hurt now” was all he could muster.

Fester in-the-clouds farted loudly like thunder, scratched his white, fluffy butt and then smelled his hand. ” But Did You Die ?!” He Boomed…

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